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2011-12-20 08:08 pm
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The Morgan Legacy - The Shankel Family

Nery, Persephone, Anna, Jacob and Zarita Shankel
178 Wright Way

This round started with both Persephone and Zarita having their birthdays.
Zarita went first, with a lot of family present.

Persephone followed, cheered on by her newly aged daughter.

The next evening, Jacob also had his birthday and became a fortune sim with the LTW of becoming a Criminal Mastermind.

Both Anna and Jacob also reached the top of their teenage careers, Law Enforcement and Criminal respectively.

Zarita also managed to get an A* a few days after starting school.

All three children were admitted to Private School on Wednesday by Headmaster Koray.

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2011-12-18 03:34 pm
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The Morgan Legacy

I'm planning on doing updates often on here about my sims legacy.

Bartimaeus & Amy London
130 Main Street

Bartimaeus and Amy recently got married and moved into their own house.

Amy soon became pregnant with their first child and they had a daughter named Tamara.

Tamara grew up soon into a toddler, and a very cute one at that!